Energy Healing 

Energy healing is a type of non-invasive alternative medicine and is accepted by healthcare professionsls to be a complementary therapy which may help lower stress, promote relaxation and reduce pain.

Services We Offer

We offer different types of energy healing sessions to maximize our client’s general sense of well-being.


A form of energy healing.  Universal energy (Reiki) is channeled to re-balance energy centers (chakras).  Provides deep relaxation & stress reduction.

Biofield Tuning (BT)

A form of sound healing.  Sound forks will be used to provide targeted nervous system relaxation which can alleviate a wide range of health issues.



Two Practitioners working side-by-side to provide maximum healing benefits – inside & out.  Combination of Reiki+Reiki or Reiki+Biofield Tuning.

Why we are different

We offer:

  • Care of TWO Practitioners vs. ONE
  • Services are custom designed for each of our clients
  • Rates per session vs. per hour
  • Before & After Biofield Imaging to prove where energy work has been completed

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