Care Packages

1.  An energy healing session with us typically runs between 60 minutes to 90 minutes, and has ran as long as 120 minutes (for those individuals with more deeply rooted blockages).

2.  The rates of our Care Packages are listed per 90 minutes of session time and includes the sales tax (HST) of 13%.

3.  Sessions running beyond the 90 minutes mark will be subjected to the additional rate of $20 for every 15 minutes.  If this happens, the client will have the option to either:

A) continue with the current session at the additional rate – subjected to time availability; and/or

B) defer time to their next session.

4.  A purchase of 3 or more sessions in advance is eligible to a 10% discount

Payment Method:

All fees are due prior to a client’s scheduled appointment & payable via e-transfer, cash or paypal.

Biofield Imaging Software

Before & After Images of Session May Be Taken Upon Request of a Client.

As the software name indicates, it is able to detect the current energies of an individual.

As seen in the picture example above:

Prior to a session: Blockages/inflammation were seen & indicated by dark grey and red colours.

After a healing session: clear & positive energy appeared to be greenish or light blue.

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