About Us

Clara Sun


Thinking back, I believe this was beginning of my spiritual journey.  You see, I have a genetic condition.  MRIs and surgical rooms were no stranger to me – until a few years back, when the tumours and inflammation in my spine had practically crippled the left side of my body (waist down).  “Inoperable” – the doctors said. 

At that time, I had never felt more defeated in my life.  The constant pain and agony was just unimaginable – and I was spiralling down into a dark, dark place.  Thankfully, a friend, Amy Cheung, introduced me to the power of will and vibrations (messages from Abraham Hicks) and overtime, I was able to pick myself back up.  My thought process was simple, “I can no longer walk.  The doctors can’t help me.  What else do I have to lose?”  Today, I am able to walk unassisted!

The message I received then and now finally understand – is to have abundance of “love and compassion.”  I am currently certified in Reiki II and am working towards being a Reiki Master.  It is my hope to help/reach as many souls as I can by providing energy healing sessions.  


Amy Cheung


2019 has been a year of transformation for me.  Back in January, I had an epiphany – or, to the more open-minded of you, I received a message from the Universe.  The message was simple and elegant: “Stop chasing money, focus on doing more good.” 

Fast forward a few months, I’m now a certified healer in Biofield Tuning (BT) and Reiki, and have given over a hundred sessions to date – and the positive changes I see in the people I’ve had the honour of working with, continue to amaze me.

To learn more about Biofield Tuning, please visit: https://www.biofieldtuning.com/what-is-biofield-tuning