Know what to expect & get the most out of your visit.

Know what to expect &
get the most out of your visit.

Cancellation / Late / Missed Appointments?

As a courtesy, a 24 hour cancellation or re-scheduling notice is required before your scheduled appointment.

Session time lost due to late arrivals will not be reimbursed, extended or carried forward to future sessions.

Is Parking Available?

There will be 1 parking spot on-site.

Street parking is also available.

Can I Bring My Friend/Spouse/Child?

You may bring a friend or spouse with you, but they will be asked to wait in the In-Take Area (Reception) Area for you.

We cannot allow you to bring your child, as they may pose as a distraction to a relaxing session and there is no supervision available to be provided.

Dress Attire?

There are no specific dress code/attire for energy healing sessions.

However, we do recommend that you are dressed comfortably and in layers – as a client’s body temperature may fluctuate during a session (e.g., when energy is being released).

# of Sessions I Need?

The number of sessions required may vary from client to client and is also dependent on their respective goal?

For example:

1) For relaxation or to clear a rooted trauma?;

2) How deeply rooted is the trauma?; and

3) How ready & willing is the client to play their necessary role?


Reiki - Common Effects?

What may happen during a Reiki session can be very personal and subjective – as each client is different; and clients themselves may also have different expereinces each time.

Common Experiences:

-feelings of tingling or pulsation

-heat or cold


-emotional releases


It is also very comman for some clients to fall asleep.

After a Reiki session – clients typically report that they feel lighter and relaxed.

Common Effects - Biofield Tuning?


Common Experiences:


It is also very comman for some clients to fall asleep.


In order to minimize distractions, we recommended that your electronic devices be turned off during your session.

Due to privacy reasons and the respect of our clients, no electronic/recording devices shall be allowed in the Session Area when a session is in place. 


There should be no talking/socializing in our Session Area when there is a session in place.

Clients may chat/socialize in our Reception (In-Take) Area.


Water/Tea is offered after our sessions during discussions.

Biofield Imaging?

See the difference in your own aura before and after a session with us.

We are currently offering this option to our clients free of charge.

For best results, the pictures need to be taken in the client’s underwear.

To learn more about this software and how it works, please visit: https://www.biofieldimaging.com/biofield-imaging.html



The use of a facility is available, should you decide to bring a change of clothes.