I followed up with a client today after they had a session with me yesterday.  While they reported they felt relaxed after the session – they also reported that they had a nightmare that night.  Intially this information bothered me some bit, as I had never encountered this situation before and had no idea how to better “counsel” or “reconcile” with the client at the moment.  However, after a bit of research and discussion with my Reiki peers – I now have a new perspective on the situation.  While we cannot prove the 2 conditions are linked together, having vivid dreams after an Energy Healing Session is a form of healing.

Here are a couple of threads that I have found to support my findings:



Vivid Dreams After Healing Session

While the above happened to my client, I believe the key message may actually be intended for me (or applied to myself as well).  For a long time now, I have been having dreams (almost nightly) of working for a specific person, whom I did not have a good working relationship with.  While, I would not consider these scenarios as ‘nightmares’ – I do believe that maybe subconsciously, I have not fully processed or accepted what had occurred between the two of us …

Time to work on myself.♥