Some people may think or even believe that Reiki or Energy Healing is a little “woo-woo”. … simply because they cannot see it.  So naturally, they would only opt to see a medical practitioner if they ever felt physically, emotionally, and/or mentally out of alignment.  Now, I am not saying that people should only seek Energy Healing – because I am in no way claiming that it can cure any ailments.  However, having been trained & certifed in Reiki II and with my experiences so far, I know enough to say that it is a great complementary to the world of western medicine.  

This situation is currently happening to a friend of mine and I can’t help but feel … well I guess mad and frustrated at ‘science‘ (western medicine).

When you’re feeling unwell and your family doctor sends you through a battery of tests – only to have the primary, secondary and third doctor all giving different statistics and prognosis based on the SAME clinical report (not the pathological report) … what do you do? … who do you believe?

Adding to the frustration – given the diagnosis, naturally we had looked up and researched our own medical reports, journals, stats, prognosis etc. … NONE of which matched the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd opinions that were given to us.  So again – who do you believe or what do you believe

I mean growing up, I believe we were always taught to believe in science (cause it proves stuff); and black and white; and right from wrong, etc. …. and I always thought it was a simple as 2+2=4. … but then now I guess I would be confusing science with math or maybe it’s all of the above?? =/

My conclusion on this “scientific” rant/vent? … is that science = probability.  When you’re good & well – you believe in science and math & you support everything it supposedly proves.  When you’re sick – you can’t hate statistics & probabilities more.

Final word – If you’re choosing to believe in Western Medicine (science & math), then why not give Energy Healing a chance as well as a complementary alternative?  Science & math says it exists (Right? With the Negative Probability?)  Oh, and did I already mention that it’s been proven that humans have a bioenergetic field?  (Read previous blog for study/article link.)  =)